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First Post!

July 18, 2012

Okay, here I am writing blog posts for Cloudpipes. It is the quickest way to document changes, additions, updates etc etc. Today I release a new version 0.9.6 which should fix issues with file upload. Previously I was using the file POST method to post the file, but as this was multipart data, I was having to pre-pend the header to the file, write it back to sdcard and read it back for upload. This was slow and inefficient. I have now replaced it with the put_file method which is much simpler and I can simply post the file stream to the network.

Also, there were complains on the play store regarding uploading Nandroid backups. Unfortunately the Dropbox API limits the file uploads to 150 MB per file (using the API, you can upload bigger files with the Desktop application). Source: []

So I made this more clear in the app. It now rejects larger files, and shows the reason in the transfer list. And then moves on to the next file.

Another interesting update is regarding using API Version 1 Authentication. This is still OAuth 1.0 as used by Dropbox, but now it is done via the Official Dropbox app or site. This seems to be working, and I will add it in the next update.