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How to transfer photos

On your device, photos are usually stored in the DCIM folder (this can vary from device to device).
or videos in

To transfer your photos up to dropbox you can create a new Pipe.

On the Pipes screen, press the Menu button, and then press Add Pipe.

A new screen will open where you need to enter all the details.
First, enter any name (easy to remember) for the Pipe, for e.g. Photos
Then in Type, select Upload, since we want the files to be put on Dropbox from the device.In the source location select the folder where your photos are stored (for e.g. /sdcard/DCIM/Camera)

In the destination location, select a folder on Dropbox where you want the photos to be stored (for e.g. /MyDevicePhotos)

You can also create a new folder from the select location screen.

In the operation, you have various options.
– If you want your files to be removed from your device and stored only on Dropbox then select ‘Move’. This is ideal for saving space on your devices.
– If you want your files to be in both locations then select Copy (rev checking)
– If you want your files to be in both locations, but also when you delete photots from your device to be deleted on Dropbox then select OneWaySync.

You do not have to select anything in filter.

In schedule, you can select how often you want this transfer to happen. If you schedule too frequently it can use up a lot of data using up your allowance.
Usually for photos you may want to schedule everyday once, at night (if the phone is on charge and on wifi).

Thats it, now select ‘Save’.
You will return to the previous screen and you will see a new pipe called Photos (or the name you gave it).

By clicking on the overflow icon (3-dots) on the pipe, you can see the pipe info, edit the pipe again, execute it or delete it.

To try the pipe now, press execute.

To see the progress of the pipe running, press on Transfers.

On the Transfers screen, you can click on a pipe item, to expand it to see individual file status.

How to transfer music

If you have your music collection stored on Dropbox, you may want to download part of it on your device to play when you want to.
This can be done in many ways.
Lets say your have on your Dropbox a folder called MusicToPlay which contains the music files you want on your device to play.
So you need to set up a pipe (download), with the source location set to dropbox://MusicToPlay and destination location set to local://MyMusic (can be any location on your device). If you set it to OneWaySync at 6 AM everymorning, you will have any music synced ready for you to play! All you need to do is to change the files in your dropbox folder ‘MusicToPlay’ whenever you want to change your playlist.

Another way to do this (especially if your music files are well organised), if to use filters to select a particular Artist or Album to download.

How to transfer your apps (no data)(Root)

If you are rooted, you can point the source folder to /data/apk and be able to backup all your apps on your android device. However, this will only work on rooted devices. Also, this does not allow you to backup the data associated with the apps.

Syncing with your PC

A very good tutorial to sync files from your PC to your Android device can be found here:

Token ring (Advanced)

This is a fairly advanced usage for this app and it involves multiple devices.

Imagine if you have 3 devices, but at any given time only one of them can be the master (for a given task).

You can setup the token ring in many ways, but the timing on each device is critical. Basically, you want to set up the pipes, so that a file (lets call it tokenfile), is passed from device to device (by setting all the pipes to ‘Move’). In this way the file is present on only one device at a time, and depending on which device has the file, each device may act differently.